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3301 Neely Ave
Midland, TX, 79707
United States


licensed professional counseling for individuals, couples and families


About Maureena Benavides

Maureena Benavides' experience and specialization in the counseling field

Areas of Specialization

  • pre-maritial counseling
  • comprehensive sex education
  • job or work difficulties
  • quality of life concerns

I'm passionate about helping individuals, parents, couples and families through some of the most challenging life situations.  My experience and genuine concern for others will be there to guide you on the journey.

My Experience

I have over 12 years of experience as an educator and a high school counselor. In my years of working with children I have focused on the care of the most challenged children, serving as a counselor for students with a variety of mental health and cognitive challenges. I have taken a special interest in helping families and children dealing with problems from incarceration, drugs or alcohol use, suicidal ideation, depression, bullying, sexual identity or orientation struggles to low grades or school performance.  

I love people of all kinds, cultures, beliefs and persuasions, truly embracing the belief that we are all more alike than different as the brothers in humankind that we are.  With those beliefs, I strive to embrace the positive and loving traits of all.  It is in reaching out to others that I have found much happiness, solace, joy and fulfillment in my life and wish to share that hope with others.  

I believe that a strong family is a happy family and I am dedicated to helping couples of all types create the loving bond that will nurture them through the challenges of all relationships.  I work closely with parents, partners, and individuals to uncover what is creating an obstacle for growth and happiness in their lives and then work to help navigate those challenges to make positive changes.  

I am a certified school counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor.